What is afaiss


In today`s fast paced world about 500.000 individuals change their residence all around the world, daily.

Moving to a new address always requires planning and preparation, and relatives, friends, work associates, public utility companies, state authorities etc. must be informed about the change of address. This means waste of time, stressful situations, penalties for nothing, environmental burden.

All these problems are eliminated with the innovative application www.afaiss.com.

The user creates his/her afaiss address, enters the various addresses in it (home, work, etc.), chooses which one will be visible to state authorities and to other individuals, and then use the afaiss as his/her mailing address in general. When one of the addresses changes, the user can promptly update the afaiss and all contacts will be instantly notified. In this simple way his/her communication will continue seamlessly.

The afaiss application aims to improve people’s life quality.

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