Terms of use

The use of afaiss.com is governed by these general regulations, and users are requested to read them carefully, as registration and use of the application entails their unconditional acceptance. This application is exclusively for use by adults and should not be accessed by underage persons.

The terms “registered person” and “user” denote the person who registers in order to acquire and utilize an afaissaddress and the person who accesses the application in order to get information from the file of the registered person, respectively. Both operate within the framework of the regulations governing the application.

1. Introduction:
This application was created as a business enterprise to provide services through the internet. Its content is intellectual and industrial property protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek, EU and international law.

The application is still in the initial testing phase (dev-test project), and no commercial transactions are carried out. Consequently, its content is informative and may not be used, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes, or copied, modified, reproduced. The terms of use and technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

2. Registration: An automated procedure is followed for registration to the application. Individuals and legal persons are allowed to register. The terms of registration are the following:

Individuals are allowed to acquire only one afaiss address.
afaiss addresses with a username equal or larger than 6 digits are free of charge, with file content provided for up to 10 addresses. For entries above 10 addresses there will be a fee.
For afaiss addresses with a username of 3 to 5 digits there will be a fee.
For afaiss addresses for brand names there will be a fee.
Misappropriation of a registered trade name is forbidden. In case of violation the Developers can delete the file and inform the registered person via SMS or email in advance or afterwards.
The pricelist for charges will be posted after the start of commercial exploitation of the application.

3. Scope – Liability:
The application is “as it stands”, and registered persons and users act “in good faith”. The database is created with full consent of the registered persons, who are responsible for editing their personal files; in particular the information entered, the way it is shared with other users, the updating of public and state entities.

Registered persons and users acknowledge that the Developers are not obliged nor can control the safety and accuracy of the application’s contents, and they are not bound, do not provide any guarantee and do not bear any responsibility in relation to it. Accordingly, users accept that they ought to survey and evaluate the contents, and they are solely responsible for any danger from its use, including their own decisions to rely on the completeness and accuracy of its contents.

Registered persons are not allowed to fill in their afaiss address with false and misleading information, to install content that contains software viruses, files and programs designed to intercept, destroy or hinder the operation of the application.

Users may draw information from the address files of registered persons according to the terms and limitations set by them.

To ensure the proper functioning of the application, the Developers have the right to ask further information verifying the addresses given by the registered persons on their afaiss file, if and when there are complaints from third parties regarding inaccurate or misleading information or unlawful use of registered trademarks belonging to others.

In case of violation of the terms of use, the Developers have the right to terminate access to the application, and registered persons or users are obligated to provide them compensation for any damage. Failure to exercise their rights does not imply their resignation from them.

4. Availability of the application: The Developers have the right to modify or/and terminate temporarily or permanently the whole or a part of the application for maintenance or update or any other purposes, with or/and without prior notice to registered persons and users. They shall make reasonable efforts for the maintenance of the application, yet they cannot guarantee its uninterrupted availability, as this may be affected by the digital equipment of the users and the communication networks, the large numbers attempting to use the application simultaneously, or other reasons.

Registered persons and users acknowledge and accept that the Developers shall not be liable for any damage caused because of inability to access the application or termination of the whole or part of it, loss of content, or any other error.

5. Privacy Policy: The Developers may maintain a record but not process the data of registered persons and users. Any content processing will be carried out only after request and consent by registered persons, except the cases in which the above terms are violated.

For the application to function, registered persons need to enter personal data such as: Name, Surname, VAT (tax) number, Email address, Telephone number, Home address, other addresses, current location, proof of address for verification purposes.

Personal data are kept as long as the account remains on the application. Registered persons may delete their account at any given time by sending a request for removal to info@afaiss.com. The account will be deleted within the following two days at the latest.

6. Cookies: This website uses cookies.
Cookies are used to improve content and to measure application usage for purposes of internal market research. To this end, the application may install "cookies" to collect information regarding the navigation software (“browser”). “Cookies” are short text files sent to the computer of registered persons and users, and saved on their hard disk. “Cookies” do not cause harm to the computer. Users may adjust “browser” settings so as to be notified during reception of a "cookie", and decide whether to accept it or not. Yet, if not accepted, it may impair full utilization of all functions of the navigation software. Cookies last as long as the application is used.

7. General Information on Data Protection: While users browse through the websites on the application, information may be collected regarding the frequency of visits to advertisements (including those on websites of third parties) and the devices used for the visits (maker, model, operating system, IP address, browser type, and device identity).

8. Google Analytics: The “Google Analytics” platform is used for (i) traffic optimization between company websites, and (ii) integration and optimization of web pages as needed. "Google Analytics" is a service provided by Google, producing detailed statistics regarding traffic to a website and its sources, as well as measuring the conversion of visitors to potential users. Google Analytics uses “cookies”. Information generated from cookies regarding the use of a webpage, including the user’s IP address, remains anonymous. For more information about anonymisation of IP addresses, visit https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2763052.

9. Changes to Privacy Policy: The Developers shall publish any changes to the Privacy Policy of the application. Registered persons and users are requested to check for updates to the terms of use periodically.

10. Governing law: These terms are governed by the Greek laws. Any dispute which may arise will be settled by the courts in Athens.

11. Contact: For information, clarification etc, interested parties may contact the Developers through the “communication” module of the application.